Lorton Reformatory (Lorton, Virginia)ADDRESS: Ox Rd, Lorton, VA…

Lorton Reformatory (Lorton, Virginia)

ADDRESS: Ox Rd, Lorton, VA 22079

COORDINATES: 38.695747, -77.254958

This Reformatory was built in 1910 on a 511-acre plot of land for DC and closed in 2001. 

It’s almost like any other abandoned prison, except for the events known as the “Night of Terror”. On the night of November 14, 1917, thirty-three women, known as the Silent Sentinels, were tortured and abused by the prison staff. They were arrested for picketing for women’s voting rights outside of the White House. According to a report by the Detroit Newstime, the women were chained and beaten, had their heads smashed into iron bed frames, and were stabbed with parts of broken picketing banners. The women were also fed rancid, rotting food, and when they refused to eat it they were force-fed. 

Lorton was also the site of a bunker used by the government from 1959 to 2001 that housed emergency communications equipment to be used in the event of a war with the Soviet Uni