Charity Hospital (New Orleans, Louisiana) ADDRESS: 1544-1590…

Charity Hospital (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

ADDRESS: 1544-1590 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

COORDINATES: 29.955581, -90.077713

Charity Hospital was founded on May 10, 1736, by a grant from Jean Louis, a French sailor, and shipbuilder, who died in New Orleans the year before. The hospital served as both a medical center and an educational center for medical students. The third picture above shows an autopsy auditorium where students would watch live autopsies. 

The hospital officially closed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck. 

This is a two hundred year old hospital, so of course, urban legend has it that it is extremely haunted. Many paranormal crews have visited this building, and a few years ago a picture went viral showing what seemingly is a glowing human figure.