South Carolina State Hospital or the South Carolina Lunatic…

South Carolina State Hospital or the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, South Carolina)

ADDRESS: Pickens St, Columbia, SC 29201

There’s no specific address, but the complex is clearly off Pickens St., not hard to find once you’re on there. 

COORDINATES: 34.015772, -81.031225

The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum was founded in 1821 as one of the first public mental health hospitals in the United States. The hospital eventually closed after the loss of funding and understaffing. At one point the hospital held over 1,000 patients, causing so much overcrowding that patients slept in hallways. 

It’s no shock that people claim this building is haunted when looking at its history. Patients suffered severe abuse here, such as lobotomies, rape, shock therapy, and beatings. Many patients died there, and people claim that their angry spirits still reside. One girl claims to have found a recently cut human scalp in the asylum in 2014.