Missouri State Penitentiary (Jefferson City,…

Missouri State Penitentiary (Jefferson City, Missouri) 

ADDRESS: 115 Lafayette St, Jefferson City, MO 65101

COORDINATES: 38.573698, -92.160851

In an attempt to help turn Jefferson City into the state capital, construction on the prison began in the 1830s, and by March 1836, the Missouri State Prison was opened. By its peak, the jail housed upwards of 5,200 inmates, both men and women. This high concentration of violent individuals caused numerous riots, fires, murders, suicides, and inevitably, a few escapes. The worst riot took place on September 22, 1954, and ended with four dead inmates and fifty more badly injured. Additionally, it resulted in one suicide, four injured guards, and over 5 million dollars worth of damage. It took countless guards and troopers armed with machine guns just to bring the riot to an end.

The Penitentiary was also home to a gas chamber, which was used to execute 40 inmates 1937 to 1989. This is pictured in the third picture above. 

Due to the high number of murders, suicides, and executions at the prison, it’s no surprise that this prison is regarded as one of the most haunted places in the country. To date, more people have experienced strange phenomenon while visiting the prison than most other paranormal hotspots across the country.