Selma Plantation and Mansion (Leesburg, Virginia)ADDRESS: 16045…

Selma Plantation and Mansion (Leesburg, Virginia)

ADDRESS: 16045 Frostleaf Ln, Leesburg, VA 20176

COORDINATES: 39.172145, -77.562643

The land the Selma Plantation lays on was first owned by Lord Fairfax but was later bought by Stevens Thomson Mason. Mason’s son, Armistead Thomson Mason, built the mansion at the base of the Catoctin Mountain between 1800 and 1810. Armistead was killed in a duel, and his widow continued to reside at Selma with their young son, Stevens Thomson Mason. Stevens inherited Selma at age 21, although quickly became bankrupt and was forced to sell the plantation. 

In 1896 the property was purchased by Elijah B. White. White commissioned Richmond architecture firm Noland and Baskervill to design a Colonial Revival mansion, which was built between 1900 and 1902 and included part of the earlier house as a kitchen wing. The plantation remained in the White family for several generations, before being sold to the Epperson family in 1976, who turned the plantation into a wedding venue. It became abandoned in the years following due to the Epperson’s not being able to pay for its expenses. 

Almost all of the men who lived at Selma met a tragic end, whether it be death from a duel or suicide. Because of this, many believe the plantation is both cursed and haunted. The plantation was also home to slaves, which contribute to the urban legends.