Tennesee State Prison (Nashville, Tennessee) ADDRESS: 6410…

Tennesee State Prison (Nashville, Tennessee) 

ADDRESS: 6410 Centennial Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209

COORDINATES: 36.177172, -86.865151

Tennesse State Prison was opened in 1898 and has been closed since 1992. During its one hundred years of service, it housed about 1500 inmates a year, with 800 cells. The prison design called for the construction of a fortress-like structure, with extremely thick walls meant to intimidate potential prisoners.

The Tennessee State Penitentiary had its share of problems during its time. In 1902, seventeen prisoners blew out the end of one wing of the prison, killing one inmate and allowing the escape of two others who were never recaptured. Later, a group of inmates seized control of the segregated white wing and held it for eighteen hours before surrendering. In 1907 several convicts commandeered a switch engine and drove it through a prison gate. In 1938 inmates staged a mass escape. Several serious fires ignited at the penitentiary, including one that destroyed the main dining room. 

The Prison was also home to an electric chair used for execution, which is pictured in the last photo above. Because of all of the deaths there, many regard the prison as haunted.