Craig Key Mansion (Craig Key) ADDRESS: Craig Key, Florida 33036…

Craig Key Mansion (Craig Key) 

ADDRESS: Craig Key, Florida 33036 (Craig Key is a set of two small islands off of Florida’s Oversea’s Heritage Trail, both are very close together) 

COORDINATES: 24.839307, -80.759216

Originally known as Camp Panama, Craig Key was a wide spot off of the Overseas Railroad right-of-way. The town was completed destroyed in the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane but was rebuilt and prospered as a vacation spot. The name of the town was officially changed to Craig Key in 1971. In 2009, the Florida Department of Transportation removed all traces of Craig Key after the rebuilding of the Overseas Highway, except for the two islands.

The owner of this particular mansion had built the home but fell into financial despair, leading to the house’s abandonment.