Standard Knitting Mill (Knoxville, Tennessee) ADDRESS: 1116 N…

Standard Knitting Mill (Knoxville, Tennessee) 

ADDRESS: 1116 N 6th Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917

COORDINATES: 35.982144, -83.913788

This old Standard Knitting Mill located in Knoxville, Tennessee serves as a symbol of economic vitality in North Knoxville. This factory made underwear and other garments, through the labor of thousands of men and women. Built in 1913, this mill is over 435,667-square-foot in size and has five floors. 

The textile mill closed down in 1989, as there was too little demand for its products and not enough revenue to keep it running. 

**I’ve got two things to add to this post. The first is that as you go up in floors, the floor itself gets weaker. There are many places where the floor is about to collapse in or has already. Walk with extreme caution. The second thing is that these are my own photos, and if anyone is wondering what camera I use, it’s just the iPhone 7 camera, nothing fancy. Happy exploring!**