Lost – 2015Millbrook Correctional Centre once sat atop a hill…

Lost – 2015

Millbrook Correctional Centre once sat atop a hill with a sprawling 106 acre property in the small town of Millbrook, Ontario.  The maximum security prison opened in 1957 and was designed to house 268 inmates, by the time it closed in 2003 the facility had the capacity to hold 490 prisoners.  The prison was replaced by the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsey, Ontario, a super jail which could house up to 1200 inmates.

The prison lay vacant and and mostly unused for more than a decade, except for the occasional military training exercises.  This site was notoriously difficult to access due to the fact that it was surrounded by a 20 foot high brick wall with very few windows and doors that were always sealed.  I did however manage to visit this location on several occasions over the years, during the short periods of time it was accessible.  This photo taken inside the prison’s chapel was from one of my final visits as the facility was undergoing demolition.