Gandini’s Circus (Edmond, Oklahoma)ADDRESS: N Kelly Avenue…

Gandini’s Circus (Edmond, Oklahoma)

ADDRESS: N Kelly Avenue between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive
Edmond, Oklahoma, 73003

**When trying to find Gandini’s Circus, travel down N Kelly Avenue until you get to the stretch of land between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive. Once there, you will see a dirt road (usually blocked off by a yellow fence). Travel up that road and you will be brought to a large field where the Circus lies.** 

COORDINATES: 35.659355, -97.497530

There is little known about this circus. Gandini’s Circus took place some time in between the 1900′s and the 1930′s and traveled across parts of the United States. There were animals (cougars, lions, tigers) and performers such as acrobats, clowns, and the “freakshow”. Although many of the trailers are burnt from the inside out by either arson or a terrible accident, you can still find fliers, popcorn bags and soda cups along with assorted pieces of memorabilia throughout the area. 

Gandini’s Circus closed down due to the Great Depression, but the remaining assets were bought by a man named Howard Suesz in 1943 and used them to start the Clyde Bros. Circus, an indoor circus that performed in stadiums and arenas. Both Clyde Bros. and Hagen Bros. used the property in Edmond as a winter camp; although it is unclear whether Gandini’s ever did the same, it was the name of the original circus that stuck.