My name is Cody Weber.  I’m a photographer based in southeast Iowa and have spent the last several years documenting and photographing Iowan towns (550+ as of this writing).  Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Pennsylvania and fell in love with all the old American architecture.  I would like to spent a couple months exploring all the oldest ghost towns in this country, starting from Pennsylvania and making my way eastward through November and December 2017.

The first town I photographed in Pennsylvania was a town called West Alexander.  Though not exactly a ghost town, per say, there was indeed a wealth of amazing buildings and I spent a long time there photographing them all.  I snagged images like this:

And I momentarily lamented the fact that I only had a few days there to explore.  I made it as far east as the now infamous ghost town Centrailia and spent my evening walking their spray-painted, dead roads and marveling at the town that used to be:

Risks & Challenges

As a mixed-media artist living in Nowhere, USA, I tend to live hand-to-mouth and this idea simply isn’t feasible without the help of the fans and supporters of FORGOTTEN IOWA.  There is two years and thousands of photos to showcase the kind of work I do and I think that the best is really yet to come.

  • Really, it all boils down to capital.  With the proper investment, I can take two months of my life and dedicate it solely to this.  I can think of no better way to spend my early-winter than exploring the ghost towns and abandoned communities of Northeast America.  
  • Luck is on our side when it comes to finding places to sleep.  Hotels in small towns tend to be much, much, much cheaper than the hotels you’d find in major metropolitan areas.  The goal is modest and I think it’s totally doable.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help financially but live in the area and have a couch to crash on, that would be wonderful!  If not that, just spread this link around and try to help me build some momentum as the next 30 days unfold!