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Hi there.  My name is Cody Weber and I’ve been running Forgotten Iowa for a couple years now.  I’ve been to over 500 towns in Iowa and have photographed abandoned properties in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Colorado.  In that time span, this blog has been featured by VICE, The Des Moines Register, The Atlantic, among many others, and I’ve loved every single second that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to photograph. 

Thing is, two years later, and we’re still a good 450 towns away from completing the initial prospect of this project.  I’ve covered all the eastern and central counties of Iowa, but those pesky ones out west continue to elude me. 

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As of this writing, we are presently up to $50 a month from seventeen awesome people!  I appreciate all the support and love but simply lack the capital to finish this phase of the project without your help.

Thanks for your time and hopeful patronage.  Love you guys!

-Cody Weber