hey doll! i’m going to be heading to col…

hey doll! i’m going to be heading to college soon, and i’m kind of torn about over where to go. i’m from the northern suburbs of illinois (woodstock area), and i’m stuck on wether to go to school in the city or madison. what do you think?

Hey lovely! That’s a big decision I’m not sure what I would do. When I was in high school I really wanted to go to school in Chicago. I’ve lived in Madison for most of my life. The nice thing about Madison is that you can be out of town and in the country in like 10 minutes (I like that it gives me more peace). Madison has some cultural. But the city is gonna have more. I’m sure this was no help. Sorry. Good luck sweetie either option is a good one 😊.

If anyone else has and opinions leave comments maybe of pros/ cons to help 💕