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幸せの遊園地 04

Abandoned amusement park of happiness 04.


幸せの遊園地 03

Abandoned amusement park of happiness 03.


幸せの遊園地 02

Abandoned amusement park of happiness 02.


幸せの遊園地 01

Abandoned amusement park of happiness 01.


Holy Land USA (operational from 1955-1984)

Mr Blobby’s House 

Photo taken in August, 2013. Not much remains of the almost forgotten Blobby Land mini-theme park in Somerset, UK.


Pictures of the animatronics in ‘TV’s Family Favourites’ a dark ride that was part of the Crinkley Bottom/Blobbyland theme park

in the UK. 

The ride was designed and manufactured by a company called T.H.E. Limited and several of the animatronics were created by David Aldridge Animations. It opened in mid-July 1995 and closed around 1998. It was a very popular ride at Crinkley Bottom,  

In the ride visitors travelled along a river in yellow and blue ‘TV Dreamboats’ through rooms featuring famous British children’s TV shows. You would enter the ride through a giant television set, its screen smashed open to allow the boat to enter. Then you would travel though a black and white section before finishing up with children’s TV shows from the 1990s. The ride featured TV shows such as Bill and Ben (The Flowerpot Men), The Magic Roundabout, Doctor Who, The Clangers, Noel’s House Party and Noddy. 

Watermouth Castle in Ilfracombe brought the ride in 2001. Salvaging what they could, the river track was turned into an open-air river ride, retaining the same boats and conveyor-belt system. Instead of animatronics based on TV shows the ride now features jungle themed animatronics that came from another theme park ride from the 1970s. 

A few of the animatronics from ‘TV’s Family Favourites’ also ended up at Watermouth castle such as Bill and Ben, Brian and

Dougal (from The Magic Roundabout) and The Clangers. 



Abandoned water park


Kiyosato – Strange Bubble Town


Igosu 108, once the world’s tallest Ferris wheel

Source: AbandonedKansai (reddit)


With a heigth of 108 meters Igosu 108 once was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. It was closed / abandoned in 2001 and dismantled in autumn 2013.
Here’s a whole set of photos, taken in December 2010: