Author: Abandoned Places


The “website” abandoned dot blogberth dot com is copying many abandoned blogs without linking back properly. If you have an abandoned blog please look into this as they are plagiarizing your personal writings, copying your pictures and putting your blog name as an author for their site without proper linkage, appreciation or anything! 

Literally copying everything even down to your exact tags.


Here is the email, abandoned-playgrounds send, about 10 minutes before making this post:



Comment: I am “abandoned playgrounds” REMOVE MY CONTENT IMMEDIATELY. I will get a cease and desist and try to sue if you do not. YOU CANNOT COPY MY PICTURES AND WORK AND TEXT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

This website is utter bullshit and I will do all in my power to alert the other blogs of what you are doing. I will repeatedly report to Google as well for your plagiarism!

I AM NOT and author on your site. HOW DARE YOU ACT AS IF I AM!

IF ANOTHER ARTICLE, PHOTOGRAPH OR EVEN TAG SET UP is COPIED FROM MY SITE AGAIN I will report report report until you are dealt with!

Now, whoever is behind abandoned-playgrounds could have send a polite request and that would probably have lead to a positive outcome for everybody.  Instead, we got this abusive and threatening email in our inbox – send from an obviously fake email.

From a technical perspective, abandoned-places has got a RSS feed and such feeds are meant for syndication.  They are not meant to be edited and if abandoned-placed bothered to include attribution and even link back to his or her site – those would obviously be included asis.