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1950s diesel locomotive in a former limestone mine.

Burned suburbia, and near it, ironic and defiant, an abandoned fire station. Featuring a letter for “big mon.”

(I apologize for the lack of regular content. I may be headed to St. Louis at some point, so expect more interesting stuff in the future.)

Update 2020-01-18

My computer has been fixed! (0u0)
I hope to bring you more ruins soon! I will unpause my Patreon when I find a new place to explore. 

Update 2019-01-15

As most of you know, I am schizophrenic and thus unable to be gainfully employed. To be generous, I’m functional about 50% of the time and don’t have my own car, which is why I only post about once a month, and is a big reason I cannot make much money on my own. The only livelihood I have aside from what I get in welfare is my camera, some art supplies, and my computer.

This computer has been showing signs of old age for a long time now, and parts of it are finally deciding to kick the bucket. My heatsink is broken and can’t cool my processor well enough to run things like Photoshop anymore, which I use to edit my photos and process my artwork before uploading them. This means I will probably be posting even less frequently than usual, so I have decided to go on hiatus to avoid taking the 3 dollars I normally make monthly from my patrons on Patreon.

If you would like to see to it that The Nexus continues to exist, please consider donating via cashapp at $WN2020 . (Even a single dollar helps.) Thank you.

 – Arlen Markob




Marvel Cave

The ruins of Quindaro, a town that was once a stop on Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad. A weak attempt was made by conservationists to preserve the ruins, but the funds ran dry, and it now sits buried in the woods, untouched by both vandals and historians alike.

Abandoned Super Splash in Missouri