Category: abandoned house

Plaid Friday – 2019

Pretty sure my mom had a pair of sheets just like this when I was a kid.

Ontario, Canada.

Bathroom Time Machine – 2019

Keeping with the theme of wallpaper.

Ontario, Canada.

Flowers N Such – 2019

More crazy wallpaper to brighten your day.

Ontario, Canada.

Illusionary Discourse – 2019

Ontario, Canada.

Camouflage – 2019

Ontario, Canada

Green With Envy – 2019

Ontario, Canada.

Canaan Valley, WV

Summer homes, 2019.

Protected – 2019

The lines in this photo are all off, I don’t think anything was lined up properly in this living room.

House, Ontario, Canada.

Back in Time – 2019

A dreamlike interior design time capsule.  This house apparently built in the 60s doesn’t look as though it had changed since the owners first took occupancy inside the home.  This one was a pleasure to photograph and I can only imagine what it looked like when it was still furnished.

Ontario, Canada.