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The Tourist – 2018

In the end we all just want to be remembered.

I Told You to do the Dishes – 2018

This is what happens when you don’t repair the roof of your house, it doesn’t take long for things to deteriorate.  There was also evidence of raccoons living above the ceiling which is not uncommon fro neglected properties like this one.

Abandoned house in Ontario, Canada.

World Traveller – 2018

Something a little bit different.  Taken in one of the many offices within an abandoned distillery.

Descent – 2018

I am not a big fan of organised religion, I believe it can cause more problems than it can solve. Despite this I find myself drawn to its architecture.  For centuries congregations were constructing large ornate churches with a sense of grandeur and these buildings were and to some extent still are the source of some of Canada’s most interesting architecture.  Unfortunately in recent years there has been a decline in these buildings of worship due to dwindling congregations and therefore a lack of funds to maintain them.

I was extremely excited to visit this particular building, it is a great example of modernist architecture and is not commonly found in churches within Canada.  When we arrived at the location there were a lot of fresh boards over the windows and I did not have much hope of getting inside.  We circled the entire building without any luck. My friend decided to return to the car but I wanted to do one more quick check just to make sure we hadn’t missed anything, to my surprise I found a hole just barely big enough to fit through. Sometimes persistence pays off!!

Fallen – Abandoned Hospital – 2017

A possibly haunted and decaying administration room inside an abandoned hospital in Ontario, Canada.