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ianference: Superfund is Super Fun!  It’s all part of the job…


Superfund is Super Fun!  It’s all part of the job for me to spend time visiting contaminated sites, like Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe compound in Shoreham, NY.  In my travels, I regularly encounter amphibole asbestos, PCB contamination, lead dust, and various other nasties.  In the bottom picture here, an underground passageway at this Superfund site was inaccessible – mainly because it was flooded with a viscous orange sludge.  By the time I composed and exposed the two minute photograph of the entryway pictured, my eyes were watering and I felt woozy – but ten minutes later I stumbled across a huge sheet film roller and forgot all about it.

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Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory (Dawsonville,…

Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory (Dawsonville, Georgia)

ADDRESS: This abandoned laboratory is actually in a forest, so there’s not necessarily an address for it. I have found, however, that it is along the Orange Trail in the forest. It’s almost exactly in the center between the Etowah River and the local campgrounds. 

COORDINATES: 34.353062, -84.143881

The Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory was built in the 1950s for testing nuclear weapons and military equipment. The Laboratory would also expose pieces of military equipment and the forest surrounding the buildings to see how they hold up when exposed to radiation. 

According to reports from workers at the lab, the reactor there was not shielded and personnel would retreat to underground bunkers when it was activated. 

**It’s important to note that there is no known radiation left in the area. Even so, stay safe.**