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Holy Land USA (operational from 1955-1984)

Gosh it apparently died after years and years of being partially abandoned but do ya got any good posts about the Flintstones park in Arizona? It like just closed down a week (literally a week ago from the day of me sending this) ago but it looked like it’s been abandoned for years and years.

Hello, thanks for your message! I’m quite sad to hear it’s closed. 

I do have one post:

Also found some websites with more pictures and info:





Hi! I like your blog 🙂 Here are a few pics I found of an abandoned amusement park in Nantasket beach, Hull, MA, called Paragon Park. Some parts of it were still open when I was a kid (the carousel and minigolf, some food stands), but there were many buildings boarded up, and all the stuff in these pictures were demolished by the time I was old enough to remember. It was surreal going there as a kid, cause it was the funnest thing around, yet most of it was all boarded up ~ mysterious

Hi! Thanks so much 🙂 wow interesting I haven’t heard of this place. How strange that it was open but had lots of boarded up buildings. I can imagine it being especially strange as a kid. Thanks for the links, I’ll reblog the posts. 


Presidents Park by David Adickes


Humpty Dumpty

The Gingerbread Castle

Hamburg, New Jersey


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