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Abandoned Theme Park Berlin

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Abandoned Theme Park Berlin

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Holy Land USA (Waterbury, Connecticut) 

ADDRESS: 38 Bergen St, Waterbury, Connecticut 06706 

COORDINATES: 41.547204, -73.029859

John Baptist Greco, a staunch Roman Catholic, had a vision of a roadside theme park devoted to God. By the end of the 1950s, he had created a theme park built to replicate a miniature Bethlehem. Yes, you read that correctly. There was, in fact, a theme park made to be a miniature Bethlehem in devotion to God. By the 1960s, the park was visited by some 50,000 people a year. One could come and see a recreation of the Garden of Eden, biblical-themed dioramas and various tributes to the life and work of Jesus Christ. In 1984, the park was closed for renovation. Greco had hopes of expanding the site to attract more visitors; however, this was never achieved as he died in 1986. 

There are two things that give this place its creepy feel. The first thing is Holy Land USA’s Catacombs. The Catacombs snake through about 200 yards, leading somewhere under the parking lot. At the time of the park’s prime, the Catacombs served as representations of famous biblical characters’ tombs. Since the park’s abandonment, they’re described as “The whole experience was definitely pretty creepy and I wouldn’t recommend it to the weak of heart. It’s dirty, dank and extremely unearthly down there” [Chuck Taylor/Ron Bozman, 8/18/97]. The second factor into this park’s creepiness is not for the faint of heart; if you would not like to read about homicide and assault, please stop reading here. In 2010, Chloe Ottman (16) went to explore the abandoned theme park with her friend, Francisco Cruz (19). Cruz made unwanted advances towards Ottman, and when she declined he decided to rape, strangle, and stab Ottman to death. This all took place right under the park’s 50-foot cross (pictured above). 

Gandini’s Circus (Edmond, Oklahoma)

ADDRESS: N Kelly Avenue between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive
Edmond, Oklahoma, 73003

**When trying to find Gandini’s Circus, travel down N Kelly Avenue until you get to the stretch of land between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive. Once there, you will see a dirt road (usually blocked off by a yellow fence). Travel up that road and you will be brought to a large field where the Circus lies.** 

COORDINATES: 35.659355, -97.497530

There is little known about this circus. Gandini’s Circus took place some time in between the 1900′s and the 1930′s and traveled across parts of the United States. There were animals (cougars, lions, tigers) and performers such as acrobats, clowns, and the “freakshow”. Although many of the trailers are burnt from the inside out by either arson or a terrible accident, you can still find fliers, popcorn bags and soda cups along with assorted pieces of memorabilia throughout the area. 

Gandini’s Circus closed down due to the Great Depression, but the remaining assets were bought by a man named Howard Suesz in 1943 and used them to start the Clyde Bros. Circus, an indoor circus that performed in stadiums and arenas. Both Clyde Bros. and Hagen Bros. used the property in Edmond as a winter camp; although it is unclear whether Gandini’s ever did the same, it was the name of the original circus that stuck. 

Perfect Swing Family Fun Center (Norman, Oklahoma) 

ADDRESS: 2159 Ann Branden Blvd, Norman, OK 73071

COORDINATES: 35.185668, -97.413106

The Perfect Swing Family Fun Center was closed in 2010 due to Tornado damage to the area. This site featured rotating swings, a mini golf course, go kart tracks, an arcade, and climbing area. 

Dania Beach Boomers and Hurricane Rollercoaster (Dania Beach, Florida) 

ADDRESS: 1700 NW 1st St, Dania Beach, FL 33004 

COORDINATES: 26.054100, -80.160171

The Dania Beach Hurricane is a wooden roller coaster at Boomers! in Dania Beach, Florida. It built by Coaster Works, Inc. and at 3,200-feet-long, 100-feet-tall, the coaster was the largest wooden roller coaster in Florida. The roller coaster closed down in 2011 due to the lack of funding for the coaster and the cost it took to maintain it. Boomers! closed down shortly after.

**There are many large bees nests surrounding this coaster if you have any allergies to such you may want to skip out on exploring this one. Also be aware that there are alligators that may live in the nearby waters. They are not known to attack humans unless provoked. ** 

Celebration City (Branson, Missouri)

ADDRESS: 1383 MO-376, Branson, MO 65616

COORDINATES: 36.650002, -93.296028

This amusement park was opened in 1999 under the name of “Branson USA”. The park struggled in its early years and closed in 2001. Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation purchased the park in 2002, and it was reopened as Celebration City in 2003. In 2008, Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation announced that the park would finish out its 2008 season and not return for 2009, due to unmet financial expectations. 

The park features 30+ rides and three full-sized roller coasters. 

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (Princeton, West Virginia) 

ADDRESS: 4213 Beckley Road, Princeton, West Virginia 24740 USA

COORDINATES: 37.406050, -81.142372

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was established around 1920 by Conley T. Snidow. The amusement park was abandoned in 1966.

This amusement park is called “The Cursed Park”, and for good reason. On the amusement park grounds, archaeologists discovered a massive Native American grave complete with several artifacts. Thirteen bodies were discovered on the property, though archaeologists believe the number could be upwards of 3,000. Many people attribute a curse to the mass grave, which could explain the six deaths that occurred in the amusement park during its years of operation, including a six-year-old girl being hit by a truck on the swingsets in the last photo. 

The current owner, Gaylord White II, says even he’s experienced strange unexplainable sights, feelings, and especially sounds. In 2005 while filming the popular ABC show Scariest Places on Earth, the entire crew, including one psychic, refused to set foot on the grounds at night, saying that the “spiritual energy [was] too strong,” and claiming to have heard drums and chanting.

Abandoned Six Flags (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

ADDRESS: Village De L’Est Area, New Orleans, LA 70129

COORDINATES: 30.051111, -89.934417

Six Flags New Orleans (SFNO) is an abandoned amusement park in New Orleans. It sits on a 140-acre property, and was once home to twenty-one theme park rides, with six still standing. The park closed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina struck the South. 

**Beware: This theme park is both surrounded by water and has many ponds that are home to alligators. While they are not known to attack, it’s better to be cautious. 

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