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Not So Convenient – 2017

Not So Convenient – 2017

Echo Variety Mart was a convenient store located at Echo Plaza in northeast Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.  This small plaza sat vacant for a few months and contained a handful of stores and businesses, some of which included a dentist, a bank, a couple of restaurants and even a hair salon.  Most of the shops were empty and uninteresting but of particular interest were this convenient store and of course the dentist’s office which had everything left over from when it was operational.  This location did not last long, the plaza was demolished only a couple of months after my visits.

Shopping malls and strip plazas are disappearing at an alarming rate all over North America.  In the United States there have been many large shopping malls that have closed down during the past decade or two, but here in Canada the decline is only just beginning.  There are a number of reasons for this, some of which include online shopping, low priced big box stores and of course densification.

Swimmer’s Itch – 2018

Swimmer’s Itch – 2018

Swimming pool in a large abandoned house.

Ontario, Canada.

The Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Mount…

The Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church of Mount Dora is currently undergoing repairs and restoration after being abandoned for over a deacde.

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Place Your Bets – 2018

Place Your Bets – 2018

Another one from the abandoned horse racing track.

Hallway to the pediatrics ward at Everglades R…

Hallway to the pediatrics ward at Everglades Regional medical Center in Pahokee.

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What Once Was – 2013

What Once Was – 2013

This former incinerator has been sitting for decades no longer useful for its intended purpose, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t used for anything.  A man by the name of Stan used to call it home.  Stan liked to collect items that other people didn’t want anymore, most of which he would find by the curbside waiting to be picked up by the garbage collectors.  He brought everything, from old light fixtures to crusty blankets, there was even a very large television set that he wheeled along the streets and into this building.

Stan had a pretty good deal going on, he had this massive space to live in and at the same time protected the building from vandals and graffiti artists.  For a number of years he even had power going to a small space where he could watch TV and make dinner in one of the microwaves he had collected.  That all changed a few years ago when the city decided to clean out the space, which in itself would have been a monumental task!  I have no idea how long it took or when exactly it happened but I remember seeing someone’s photos and the building was completely empty, I was astonished.  Since then the building has fallen victim to vandals and the walls are becoming covered more and more by senseless tagging.

I don’t know what happened to Stan after he was forced to leave this place but I am sure he will land on his feet and I hope one day to run into him again.

As for the building, since it is a designated heritage structure it will likely be saved and repurposed.

Big bend Jai-Alai fronton near Quincy. Jai ala…

Big bend Jai-Alai fronton near Quincy. Jai alai was once the fastest growing spectator sport at the time but saw a sharp decline due to a strike in 1988, along with the rise of football, basketball, and hockey around the same time.

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Retro von monsieur menschenleer Über Flickr…


Retro von monsieur menschenleer

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Unsafe To OccupyLee County, IowaApril 1st, 201…

Unsafe To Occupy
Lee County, Iowa
April 1st, 2018

darbians: Abandoned Fruit Exchange LiverpoolCheck out the link…


Abandoned Fruit Exchange Liverpool

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Abandoned Liverpool